Preserving the mark of history


Six of the eight crypts at the Fort Crawford National Cemetery Soldiers’ Lot in Prairie du Chien are being perpetuated by Conservation Solutions, a company with offices in Washington D.C. and New Mexico. Employees Chris Isaacs (left) and Tim Ramsey came from Maryland to Wisconsin for about three weeks to perform the preservation work, which has involved tearing down the vaults, installing new foundations, cleaning off the bio-growth, and performing pointing and patchwork. The cemetery is one of the nation’s smallest, with eight crypts and 56 markers—10 of which are known and 46 which are unknown. The lot was established in 1829, at which time the first interment was for Lt. John Mackenzie, of the First Regiment U.S. Infantry. Originally only officers serving at Fort Crawford and their families were buried there. Later soldiers were moved from the enlisted man’s plot and from Evergreen. Unfortunately, their names were lost. The Milwaukee office of the Department of Veterans Affairs manages the cemetery. (Photo by Correne Martin)

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