Meetings give feedback for developing former Prairie Maison property

Former Prairie Maison site
Community members hope to preserve the existing trees on the former Prairie Maison property on the east side of Prairie du Chien, regardless of what developments take place. (Photo by Caitlin Bittner)


By Caitlin Bittner


Meetings regarding the future development of the former Prairie Maison site in Prairie du Chien were recently held in the Community Room at City Hall.

The comments of these listening sessions were recently released by Community Development Alternatives (CDA) and Dimension IV Madison Design Group.

Overall, members of the public would like to see something to be developed on the property; however, what it might be is a little less clear. 

Some suggestions by the community have included a city park and building houses similar to the ones already existing in the area.

Potential concerns of community members about the area seemed to focus on whether or not 16th Street would then be continued through the block, or if the block would remain as is with no thru-road. 

Community members expressed their disapproval of additional alleys, their desire for off street parking and garages—should new homes be built, and the wish that the existing trees be saved if possible. They also asked that if a greenspace is developed that it be a public space available for use by the community.

According to executive director of CDA, Dale Klemme, the CDA wants to consider both community needs and wants in the development of the property. 

Since a big part of understanding what the community wants involved the listening sessions, the next step for CDA is to solidify the development options, create presentations and bring the ideas back to the community for more feedback.

CDA hopes to have a plan for the future of the property in the works by the beginning of October this year so that the company may begin putting together incentives to encourage developers to fashion the property as the community desires.

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