Vaccine for pertussis free at health dept.

Crawford County as well as other areas of Wisconsin continue seeing a rise in pertussis (whooping cough) cases. The disease is currently having the largest outbreak of the past 50 years. Also, Wisconsin has the highest rates of pertussis out of all states in the U.S.
Pertussis is a serious disease that can attack anyone with violent coughing fits lasting up to 10 weeks or more, though it can be deadly for babies.

It starts out like a cold with a cough, and spreads easily from person to person. Babies often catch pertussis from sick family members or caregivers who may think they have just a cold or bronchitis.

Protect our babies, your family, and our communities. The protective vaccination against pertussis is a combination vaccination with tetanus and diphtheria and is available free from the Crawford County Public Health Office. Call for an appointment, 326-0229.

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