Prairie du Chien School Board approves new meeting time


By Caitlin Bittner


On Monday, June 15, the Prairie du Chien Board of Education met at City Hall in Prairie du Chien to discuss important issues for the upcoming school year.

The board approved a motion to move both the regular Board meetings and the Finance Committee meetings from the second Monday of every fourth month to the third Monday of every fourth month. Superintendant Drew Johnson says that the move will be occurring in order to allow more time to review bills and records and make sure they are ready for the meetings. 

“Right now, it’s too quick of a turn-around to have it ready  for the meetings. More time just makes sense,” explained Johnson.

Other items discussed at the brief meeting included the approval of a motion to allow high school students to gain Physical Education credit through their involvement in sports. According to Johnson, ½ of a credit of Physical Education can be earned in this manner. 

“The student, in order to get credit, has to be very active in a number of sports,” said Johnson.

Additionally, the School Board approved an Advanced Placement GPA enhancer for incoming freshmen. This enhancer will help students who perform well on their Advanced Placement exams. “It’s an enhancement to help students who take the more difficult classes. It helps reward them for their hard work,” comments Johnson.

An example of the enhancement might be a student with a C average in an Advanced Placement class, who takes the Advanced Placement exam in the spring and receives a score of 5, would have his or her 2.0 class GPA multiplied by 1.5, raising their GPA in the class to a 3.0.

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