Eckhardt commends efforts of McGregor workmen following storms

Dear Editor,

It was pretty dramatic. There was a bright flash followed by a loud crash and the strong odor of ozone at 3:00 in the morning on Thurs., June 27. A tree came down the cliff behind my residence on North Main street and split a utility pole in two and left many live wires on the ground. The entire northwest block of downtown had to lose its electric power later that morning so the municipal utility workmen could perform necessary repairs.
There is a former road that is about 1/3 the way up the cliff to the Heights. The reason we have so few overhead wires on Main Street is that is where the city fathers wisely decided to conceal them. That good idea meant that when there was trouble, it was not easy to access the source of the problem for repairs.
The purpose of this letter is to express the appreciation of myself, my wife and all the residences and businesses of our block in town for the extra effort that was made by the workmen of the McGregor utilities, the fire and police department, several members of the city council and others in getting power restored very rapidly, considering the difficulty gaining access to the problem. (It took eight men with harnesses to carry and drag the new pole through the woods to where it was needed.) These servants are on call if not on the job 24 hours every day doing things that are necessary to keep our town running. Most of what they do is not so noticeable or difficult. It is easy to take for granted. Let's not do that.
I see this emergency as an opportunity to express my gratitude to these sentinels of our wonderful McGregor community for their willingness to work together and make our town express what is the best of human nature.

Bill Eckhardt
McGregor, Iowa

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