Campground suffers heavy flood damage

Flood aftermath
Brush and foreign objects still litter the ground at Paradise Valley Campground on Wed. June 26, after rushing waters roared fast and furious through the area. (Photo by Caitlin Bittner)

By Caitlin Bittner

As a result of the heavy rains of June 21 and 22, one local campground is almost at a loss of what to do. Paradise Valley Campground, located eight miles outside of McGregor, was far from the only campground in the area hit; however, its damage was extensive.
“We lost several picnic tables, a his and hers bathroom, 30 percent of our road and an expensive bridge,” said Shane Landt, who owns and operates Paradise Valley with his wife Sandy. “The campers also lost six utility sheds and their contents.”
Shane said that some of the campers’ foundations were also lost due to the water. He added that they were required to evacuate four campers during the storms.
Although this is not the worst flood the property has ever seen, it was the second one this year for the Landts. “It took us three weeks to clean up after the May 29 storms, and now we basically get to start over again,” commented Shane, who estimates the damage and clean up alone to total about $150,000.
“It’ll take at least two or three weeks to clean up, and that’s if it stays dry,” explained Shane. The Landts have been able to repair part of the road by bringing in loads of gravel from the quarry. So far, they have brought in about 30 or 40 loads of gravel, but they are far from done.
With all this clean up still ahead of them, the Landts are partially at a loss for words. “For the last one, we had some volunteers come to help us, but this time we’re not sure who to call,” admitted Shane.
As for the near future, Paradise Valley was forced to cancel reservations and events. “We were hosting a 5k Run/Fun Walk on June 29, but we had to cancel it,” said Sandy, who noted that she was sad to see it canceled because all the proceeds from the event were  supposed to go to the Epilepsy Foundation to help find a cure, as well as offer aid to individuals with epilepsy.

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