Tribute to Kaber’s

By Sheila (Thomas) Kautman

When I was 24
It was a very good year
I moved from the city,
To a place I hold dear.
Kabers was the place,
where friends could meet.
The drinks were superb,
It was the best place to eat.
Behind the bar, two brothers,
Making drinks and making merry,
You always felt special,
When served by Rex or Terry.
The atmosphere,pure supper club,
When Bud McElroy played,
And Gordy on the drums,
The people always stayed.
Rex would know the “Soaps”
When our bowling team came in,
We’d drink and catch up on “Days of Our Lives”
And discuss who did what and when...
Jessie was a waitress
Who was there for years and years,
To say good bye to Kabers,
Will bring some of us to tears.
My memories of Kaber’s,
I’ll remember with delight,
From The Kidney Bean Salad,
To Strangers In The Night.

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